Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ward Churchill - Crimes Against Humanity

This article discusses the descrimintation against Native Americans. Churchill compares descrimination against Native Americans to extreme imaginary cases of descrimination against other races / nationalities. He says that naming a sports team after a certain race is discriminatory, even if it is not recognized by society. One of the many teams that provides a reference to Native Americans includes the RedSkins. Although Native Americans might recognize this name as discriminatory, others do not recognize that. My interpretation of the name is not descriminatory - to me it conveys and strong and conquering image. But, as Churchill suggests, I would definitely interpret a name such as the "Fresno Fags" or the "Wisconsin Wetbacks" as descriminatory. There would be no doubt in my mind that those names were insulting to the people pertaining to that group. This article made me wonder why I would recognize names such as these as descriminatory, but not the Red Skins. Maybe it's because the subject of Native Americans and our kicking them out of their homelands has long since passed, and there are new issues of today such as sexual orientation. But on the other hand, race is still something that is very controversial today. So why is the race of Native Americans not considered when recognizing descriminatory terms? It should be. This article definitely made me conclude that our society should be more attentive to descriminatory terms, and not disregaurd them under any circumstance.


Kaitlin said...

I completely agree with you in that when I first read this, I didn't even think of the Red Skins as being discriminatory, but the others caught my attention as being so. I agree also that the issues faced today have nothing to do with Indians because that was in the past, and maybe that is why no one seems to think of these names as being hurtful. I now will look out for school team names, and professional team names and think it could be discriminatory.

J.B. Turley said...

Get over it! Most Americans and Native Americans could care less about changing the football teas name. This PC crap is getting ridiculous.